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Mason Human Resources Ltd

Manson Human Resources Ltd supplies human resources from South Asia to different industries in Hong Kong such as construction, renovation, engineering, etc. The terms of service is very flexible and can be full time, part time, permanent or temporary. By partnering with us, our clients can increase their flexibility and can also save huge amount of administrative and HR costs.

K1 Art Resin Limited

K1 Art Resin Limited is established in 2012 and is a company specialised in R&D, design and application of art resin panel in renovation industry.  K1 is the leading key player in this business and has its own proprietary process serving 5 stars hotels, prestigious apartments, shops and restaurants with high end luxurious renovation providing innovative art resin panels and other resin applications like furniture.

With resin as the core material, it combines different colours, texture, finishes, natural organic materials, metals, glass, shells, and any other materials to generate numerous products with different ideas, feelings and looks that can suit different artistic concepts, design ideas and applications.

In 2017, a brand new “Handmade in China” art resin panel is being launched and becomes the best and the most accepted design material by renowned architects and designers.

With our own patented products and having a R&D and manufacturing base in Dongguan, K1 focused to serve the Top 100 interior design and architectural firms.

Marion (International) Limited

Marion (International) Limited is established in 2017 and is focused on various building materials business among Hong Kong and China. We have built a strong business network among Greater Bay Area of Guangdong Province. Marion is keen on building up and exploring different business opportunities so as to expand and increase the Knots Group integrated strength and competence.